“101 Patchwork Patterns”

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Take a step back to 1962 when this eBook was published.  Back before rotary cutters, before chain piecing and before quilt fabric became a million dollar business.  Each one of these 101 patchwork patterns has printable templates for the block constructions – print them five or 20 times, however many times you need to do so in order to create your very own quilt designs!

“101 Patchwork Patterns” by Ruby Short McKim

Quilt Name Stories, Cutting Designs, Material Suggestions,
Yardage Estimates, Definite Instructions for
Every Step of Quilt Making

Through all the changing fads of woven bead-belts or melon seed portieres our quilts have been always with us. A wholesome thing it is, too, that American women have so saved and planned and pieced. To have wrought beauty even from beautiful surroundings has not always been achieved; but to salvage beauty and usefulness from coarse waste materials was the everyday accomplishment of our pioneer mothers who hooked rugs and pieced quilts.

Some way we are apt to think of the quilt makers as mature or even old, but a sec- ond thought assures us they were often merely girls. Pioneer movements are not spon- sored by those who have passed life’s meridian. It takes youth, with its unspoiled imag- inings to blaze trails, to leave the family hearth for the open road, to hazard security for chance. So most of the families who surged their way westward were young as the civilization which they were formulating. A girl-wife, driving an ox team, with her firstborn held close in her strong young arms or under her stronger young heart, was the heroine of the day. Not that they called her a heroine then; no; but her timid sister who stayed with “pa and ma” back in York State or Ca’lina may have spent the rest of her spinster days in envying willful Emily who rode away with John.

And the story of their wanderings, their few original possessions, their accumula- tions, the friendships formed, their abiding faith and the home established, is the story of patchwork quilts. Study the names of patterns and again you will know they were so christened by young ladies of imagination, sometimes devout, sometimes droll but always kindled by that divine spark of originality. Listen to this for a less-than-500- word history, all quilt names stitched in bed coverlets, which are more comforting, if not more enduring, than words graven in stone.

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