Handbook of Embroidery

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What an amazing piece of history found in this wonderful eBook!  The title page says it all:  “Published by Authority of the Royal School of Art-Needlework and dedicated to their president, H.R.H. Princess Christian, of Schleswig-Holstein, Princess of Great Britain and Ireland.” [b. 5/26/1846, d. 6/9/1923]

This eBook contains a number of pages of introductions and explanations as well as step-by-step text with illustrations of the timeless embroidery used then…and now.

“Handbook of Embroidery” by L. Higgin, edited by Lady Marian Alford

We have given a short description of the most useful stitches, and have pointed out their applicability to different styles of work; we have named the various materials which are best suited as grounds for embroidery, and the silks, filoselles, crewels, etc., which are most commonly employed, with practical rules for their use in the best and most economical manner.

Also we have given such plain directions as to stretching, framing, and cleaning the work as are possible in a limited space, and without practical illustration. We venture to hope we have thus supplied a want that has been long felt by those who interest themselves in the art in which Englishwomen once excelled, but which had languished of late years, and almost died out amongst us, though it has always been taught in many continental cities, where embroideries have never ceased to be required for church decoration.

(60 pages)