“Paper Crafts for Grown Ups”

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Ever wanted to make your own gift bags?  Or beautiful paper roses?  What about three-dimensional snowflakes?  Save yourself a lot of money with just a little bit of your time and the detailed instructions for making your very own paper crafts!

Learn about the history of paper, learn how to make your own paper as well as step-by-step instructions for simple to challenging paper crafts.

Making things with paper used to be an activity that kids did with their teachers or at home on rainy days to keep them occupied. But for many adults paper crafting is a serious hobby. Making beautiful things out of paper can be simple or quite complex depending how advanced you are in the hobby of Paper Crafts. You can do endless things with different types of paper. From, scrap booking, to making cards, flowers, origami, paper cutting, and all kinds of decorations. As you can see there are many things one can do creatively with paper.

When it comes to paper crafting there is a multitude of projects, techniques and supplies one can use to achieve a work of art made from paper. Paper crafts no longer means just hanging streamers for a party or drawing a sketch on a folded piece of paper for a birthday card. With all the possibilities available in the world of paper crafting today one can take virtually any plain piece of paper and make it into a thing of beauty.

(80 Pages)