“The Practice & Science of Drawing”

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“The Practice & Science of Drawing” by Harold Speed, Associé de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris; Member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.  With 93 Illustrations & Diagrams.

In a Few Minutes, You Can Be Learning The Fine Art of Drawing From One of the Foremost Authorities of The Science and Practice of Drawing!

Finally, You Can Now Learn How To Draw Like A Pro Without Having To Go To An Expensive Art School!

This Step-by-Step Manual teaches you how to become an expert in drawing and art even if you failed art in High School!

“The Practice and Science of Drawing” is a comprehensive manual that contains over a hundred illustrations to guide you step-by-step and help  you achieve mastery in the The Practice and Science of Drawing.

Let the author’s illustrations guide you through the various stages of drawing. With this step-by-step manual learning the art of drawing would be enjoyable and easy!

Table Of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Drawing
  • Vision
  • Line Drawing
  • Mass Drawing
  • The Academic and Conventional
  • The Study of Drawing
  • Line Drawing:  Practical
  • Mass Drawing:  Practical
  • Rhythm
  • Rhythm:  Variety of Line
  • Rhythm:  Unity of Line
  • Rhythm:  Variety of Mass
  • Rhythm:  Balance
  • Rhythm:  Proportion
  • Portrait Drawing
  • The Visual Memory
  • Procedure
  • Materials
  • Conclusion


(197 Pages)