When I was 19 (way long time ago), I was going to cosmetology college and met a classmate whose grandmother made quilts. When I saw one of her quilts, I asked her to make me one. Soon after I received the quilt, I read the saying, “When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love.”

That was all it took, I *knew* I had to learn how to make quilts!

You see, I was orphaned when I was 11 and lived in five different foster homes (my four siblings and I were sent to live in different places), never really feeling at home or loved in any of them.  I was alone and lonely, no matter where I lived. I knew that if I could make a quilt that would give someone a feeling of security, home and love, that’s what I needed to do! I have been quilting ever since and have gleefully made ‘security, home and love quilts’ for other kids, some of whom needed the little bit of snuggly love that only a quilt can bring – no matter where they are!

I quilt, I design quilts, I sleep with quilts and I love quilts.  My family endures my obsession, as only a loving family can.

I hope you enjoy BOMquilts.com!