“Windowsill Wonders” 2018 Row of the Month Quilt. An Original Design by TK Harrison from BOMquilts.com

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Abbi May's Fabric Shop“Windowsill Wonders” is a row of the month quilt featuring 1930’s retro pastel fabrics.

Rows #1 , #3 & #5 = 9″ finished blocks, 9 1/2″ unfinished blocks.
Rows #2, #4 & #6 = 4 1/2″finished blocks, 5″ unfinished blocks

Finished Quilt = 75” x 84”

All instructions provided as a PDF document.

This is a nine-part row of the month quilt with one or more (if they’re the same) row pattern instructions revealed on the 20th of each month.


"Windowsill Wonders" made by TK Harrison, Owner of BOMquilts.com amd Designer of her "Windowsill Wonders" Quilt.

“Windowsill Wonders” made by TK Harrison, Owner of BOMquilts.com"Windowsill Wonders" made by Meloney F., Quilt Pattern Tester“Windowsill Wonders” made by Meloney F., Quilt Pattern Tester

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The Holmes Valley Quilters was founded by Kathy Anderson and Angie Bush. We met for the first time January 17, 2008, where 26 people gathered in the home of Kathy Anderson. We have members from Holmes, Washington, Jackson, Walton and Bay counties in Florida.

For the past several years, we have been making and donating quilts and totes to our local Guardian ad Litem program. Most of the fabric and materials needed for these projects are either donated by members themselves or by local sewing groups and/or businesses. Then our members give their personal time and love, to construct beautiful quilts and totes to be donated to local children in need. Our charity this year, will be making quilts and totes for Holmes County Sheriff’s Office and Washington County Sheriff’s Office. These quilts will be kept in officer’s vehicles and given to victim’s of trauma (i.e. car accidents, house fires, domestic violence…etc.).

The Holmes Valley Quilter’s Website

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Here’s a look at the beautiful “Windowsill Wonders” Row of the Month Quilts that the Holmes Valley Quilters Guild individual members sewed Together:

I’m tickled pink that the Holmes Valley Quilters made such beautiful quilts out of my free “Windowsill Wonders” Row of the Month quilt! Every one of them has the quilter’s hand & heart sewn into it! Thanks for sharing such terrific quilt photos with us at QuiltTherapy.com & BOMquilts.com!