“Graceful Garden” a 2021 Block of the Month Quilt with a Medallion Center! An Original Quilt Design by TK Harrison, Owner of BOMquilts.com!“Graceful Garden” 2021 Block of the Month Quilt.
An Original Design by TK Harrison, Owner of BOMquilts.com!
Finished size = 81″ square
This is a traditionally pieced quilt pattern!

No quilt guild/group/shop has my permission to use my 2021 “Graceful Garden” BOM quilt! If you want to use one of my free patterns, please choose a different one & let me know which one you chose when you contact me!

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All instructions provided in PDF

This is an 10-part free block of the month quilt pattern:

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These are the quilt blocks that make up the “Graceful Garden” 2021 BOM quilt:

Amish Star Quilt Block from the "Graceful Garden" 2021 BOM Quilt! A Free Pattern Featured at BOMquilts.com!Amish Star Quilt Block #1
This is the medallion that’s in the center of the “Graceful Garden” 2021 BOM quilt!
It’s 36″ square finished & 36 1/2″ square unfinished.

These are the quilt blocks that surround the Amish Star!
They’re 18″ finished & 18 1/2″ unfinished.